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Private Services

Sage Sanctuary is home to a number of practitioners and facilitators who offer quality, 1 on 1 healing services. From Reiki, Shamanic Practices, Somatics, Private Sound Healing, Inner Child Work, BioField Tuning, Ceremony, Hypnotherapy, customized Guided Meditations and Visualizations, and more!!  We are honored to be able to provide these services to you. 

Please note that all of our practitioners make their own schedule and pricing.

Contact them directly for any questions or to book an appointment.

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Facial Massage


Reiki is a Japanese technique of hands on healing that targets the energy in and around the body. It can remove negative energy and infuse the recipient of 'life force energy,' improving many conditions and emotional states. Reiki is not a religion, and can do no harm. It simply allows us the time, space and energy that is needed to heal from all that troubles you. 


Sage is home to a few Reiki Masters and Practitioners. Please see "the Team" page to see each practitioner's unique offerings.

To book an appointment with them, contact

 them directly.


Cory- 951.490.9151
Katy- 951.285.8079 

somatic movement

We hold the aftermath of unresolved trauma in the body. Somatic Movement is the process of moving the body in order to move our emotions, traumas and triggers. These sessions are often intense, physically and emotionally. A class can be curated for you and your unique life experiences, stresses and traumas. Live, free of the heavy emotions you've been carrying. For a Somatic session, contact Cory directly-


Cory- 951.490.9151

Massage Table

soul guided journeywork

Soul Guided Journeywork looks much like a guided meditation and visualization but it goes so much deeper. Here we access the subconscious to help the soul heal from what it has experienced. This work often targets core beliefs that stem from past events that need healing. Here, we can access and nurture our inner child, or any past version of self.  Here, we can access past lives to bring understanding to the present. Here, we change how we have been operating and bring compassion, introspection and understanding to our lives.

For a Soul Guided Journeywork session, contact Cory directly-

Cory- 951.490.9151


sound healing

Sound Healing or Sound Therapy is a modality that uses the vibration of sound to help raise your own, individual vibration. It helps ease tension and stress. It helps to calibrate the nervous system, and bring peace and clarity into spacrd where noise and chaos once lived.  Come relax in the soothing sounds of pure, smooth tones made by crystal sound bowls and various chimes, drums, gongs, and bells. Allow Cory to curate the perfect Sound Therapy session for you in a private sound bath. Semi private groups are also available. 

Cory- 951.490.9151

Lotus Meditation Pose


We are home to a team of wonderful yoga instructors who offer private yoga sessions here, at Sage. If you have specific goals for your yoga practice, or want to get comfortable with yoga, before attending a public class, we have the offerings for you.

To learn more about our yoga instructors, and the services they provide, visit The Team page, and contact your instructor directly to book a private yoga session.

Alicia- 951.970.3606


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